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They built a sequence interesses curriculum vitae forts and townships that are parts of the seven cities of Delhi. Delhi came under the British control after the Indian Rebellion of The British declared Calcutta as essay on my city delhi capital. But in Delhi was again made the capital of India. It was made a Union Territory in After Independence on 15th AugustDelhi was officially declared as the Capital of republic.

My City Delhi. Essay No. 01 I live in Delhi. It is my home town. Delhi is the capital of India. It is a beautiful city. It stands on the bank of river Yamuna.

InDelhi was declared as the National Capital Territory. The National Capital Territory comprise nine districts, villages and 62 towns. Being the Capital of India, Delhi is the centre stage of all political activities. Once it was the city of royal power. Later it was seat of colonial power.

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Then it was a centre of bureaucratic power. Now it is emerging as important essay on my city delhi of corporate power too. The principal food crops of Delhi are wheat, bajra, jowar, gram and maize, however emphasis has now shifted from food crops to vegetable and fruit crops, dairy and poultry farming, floriculture etc.

These are more remunerative than essay on my city delhi crops in the territory. Delhi is not only the largest team sports research paper ruled Delhi.

At third place, there are some great religious places.

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Delhi Tourist and Transportation Development Corporation Limited conducts city sightseeing and excursion tours. The corporation has also introduced adventure tourism activities like Para-sailing, rock climbing and boating in Delhi.

Looking the cultural aspect of it, we are not only considering the Indian cultural essays on my city delhi but also the essays on my city delhi beyond our borders.

We are in the hub of embassies and cultural centres, where different courses, on some foreign language, are always taken up by universities and colleges. Functions and campaigns are run to support causes of people and organisations across different cultures. Well politics as a sphere does not need any mention here cause we all know that Delhi is the centre for political seats and decisions.

There are a lot of twists in politics but that is precisely essay on my city delhi Delhi gets its flavour from. Student politics has come a long way.

We have respected universities like The Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Indian Institute of Technology, which are constantly imparting education and values in the youth.

Their perspectives and cognitive capacities are broadened by the educationists in the city.

thesis zinc oxide thin films Sociologically essay on my city delhi, Delhi has a vibrant crowd which has always supported human rights cases. This is not what it seems to be. These have deeper roots than just what we are being made to see.

This is politicisation of the infrastructure of Delhi. Another very striking feature about Delhi is how it changes completely in a few kilometres.